Capstacked works with private equity, venture capital, and commercial real estate sponsors to design and build custom high-net worth recruitment platforms that deliver unmatched cost-of-capital while reducing reliance on institutional capital and restrictive terms.

Advisory Services

Expert guidance based on Capstacked’s proprietary recruitment and activation playbook intended for established internal Marketing and Investments/Sales teams

Advisory services are provided exclusively by Capstacked’s founder, Marshall Clark.

Advisory Services are an excellent way to immediately benefit from experience acquired by recruiting over 100,000 high-net-worth investors responsible for more than $5 Billion in equity capital to date.

Managed Services

Development of a custom online investor recruitment + investment platform uniquely suited to your team, existing systems, and investment offerings.

Each engagement starts with a comprehensive audit and assessment – where we’ll work to cooperatively identify opportunities for early improvement on the path to developing your own bespoke version of our time-tested HNW Recruitment Platform.

Turn-Key Recruitment Platforms

The ultimate ‘fire-and-forget’ approach to high-net worth investor recruitment.

Turn-Key Recruitment Programs completely outsource the development and operation of online investor syndication – allowing sponsors to focus on what they do best – delivering superior investment returns.

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