How To Recruit High-Net Worth Investors

Capstacked Helps Companies Raise Capital Online from Accredited Investors


Whether you’re looking to fund a single-asset or build-out your own high-net-worth investor network, Capstacked can help.

Our team helped build the investor recruitment platforms at both Crowdstreet and Cadre, playing critical roles in the sourcing and allocating of over $5 Billion in individual accredited investor capital.


Capstacked experts bring unmatched, industry-leading experience building major online fundraising platforms.

Capstacked helps build and optimize every stage of your prospective investors’ journey. From targeting HNW investors, creating awareness of your brand, nurturing prospects using automated engagement programs, generating direct sales interactions, and ultimately driving highly cost-effective investor capital allocations.


Automate and streamline your investor recruitment and activation process, enabling internal staff to focus exclusively on high-value tactics and prospects.

Capstacked’s experience deploying & optimizing top marketing/sales automation (Hubspot) and best-in-class investor management systems (Juniper SquareAppfolio Investment Management) free your staff from repetitive tasks and laser-focus them on converting high-value investor prospects.

Find New Investors


Building A Private Investor Network For Unmatched Control & Low Cost Of Capital

Institutional capital comes with strings attached.  Lock in a new, alternative source of capital through building your own online network of individual high-net worth investors.

Prepare for the next phase of the market cycle by building your own secure and reliable source of private capital today.

Benefits of Individual Investor Capital

  1. Speed and Flexibility: Accredited investors are typically more agile and able to make investment decisions quickly, compared to institutional investors who have more bureaucratic processes. This can help commercial real estate sponsors close deals faster, reducing the risk of losing a property or project to a competing buyer.
  2. Lower Costs: Accredited investors typically do not require the same level of due diligence and documentation as institutional investors, which can result in lower transaction costs and reduced legal and accounting fees.
  3. Customized Capital Structures: Accredited investors may be more open to customized capital structures, including preferred equity, mezzanine financing, and profit-sharing arrangements. This can provide commercial real estate sponsors with greater flexibility in structuring their financing and maximizing returns.
  4. More Direct Communication: Accredited investors are often more accessible and communicative than institutional investors, allowing commercial real estate sponsors to have a more direct line of communication and build closer relationships with their investors.
  5. Potential for Repeat Business: By sourcing equity capital from accredited investors, commercial real estate sponsors have the opportunity to build long-term relationships with their investors and potentially secure repeat business on future projects.

Engage More Effectively


Focus More on Closing Deals – Less on Raising Capital

Sophisticated online fundraising and investment management solutions such as Juniper Square and Appfolio Investment Management have transformed investor relations by automating many of the time-consuming tasks associated with reporting and communications.

Capstacked will help you get up-to-speed on these latest tools and developing effective investor communication programs and reporting processes so you can spend less time answering phone calls and more time closing deals.

Build Your Online Brand


Building Your Own Renewable Source of HNW Capital

It’s no secret that many investment firms are late-bloomers when it comes to their online presence.  Prior to the JOBS ACT, online private equity investing was limited and many private equity websites were limited to contact information.  In the post JOBS Act world your website is often your only point of interaction with a potential investor.  It needs to convey your experience, show your track record, demonstrate your expertise, and generate trust sufficient to move a prospective investor to take action.

Capstacked brings unmatched experience in sourcing HNW investors online. Our team helped build the investor recruitment platforms at both Crowdstreet and Cadre and played critical roles in sourcing and allocating over $5 Billion in individual investor capital.

We know precisely the best ways to build your brand, build your relationship with investor prospects, and create networks of happy first-time and repeat high-net worth investors to fund your projects now and into the future.

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